Thursday, April 7, 2011

Student Artist of the Month: Gwen Greenaway

Arthouse has been open for business and teaching classes since last summer June 2010. Gwen Greenaway was one of our first students. I could see the talent and desire instantly. She has worked her way through charcoal drawing, pastels to acrylic painting on small canvas and most recently Gwen finished this large flower painting on board. I am so proud of her and think her talent and ambitions will take her many places.

I remember when Gwen was a new student eager to learn asking questions every chance she got. Sometimes apologizing for interrupting me or bugging me too much. Of course she wasn't and I was thrilled to have a student interested and enthusiastic to learn as much as she could!

In this painting class Gwen was surprised with herself when she managed to put so--much paint on the canvas in less than two hours. I believe this was her artistic break through moment. She bloomed as an artist as her flower bloomed on her painting.

Did I mention that Gwen is only twelve, and is donating this painting to raise money for her school (Legacy Christian School 1399 Greenfield Ave., Noblesville, IN 46060).

She is now taking her fourth class here at the Arthouse and recently learned how to stretch canvas and build her very own composition.

Well needless to mention her generosity and dedication to her art and her faith. This is why Arthouse has chose Gwen Greenaway as our Artist of the Month. Thank you Gwen and family for your passion for the arts!


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What a nice job! You are definitely talented. Sadie

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That is a TEXAS size flower.

The "Texas" Browns