Sunday, May 8, 2011

Student Artist of the Month: Grace Roberts

Grace Roberts is one of my youngest painting students at the Arthouse and very talented and interested in the arts. She came into the arthouse with eagerness to learn as much as she could about art, artists and specific art styles.
This is Grace's second Georgia O'Keeffe study... she almost finished this in an hour! Grace is a very fast and creative painter. She went step by step placing the flower in it's format and composition.
Then she added color washes over each area, giving the flower value and color.
This painting is very mono-chromatic, so she learned about mixing complementary colors and how if you add red to green you can get a shade of green, and if you mix the right amount and add a tint you can create a gray with a slight hue.
She's using acrylic paints which is nice for younger students because they are nontoxic and they also dry very fast.
Grace is ten years old, and I'm so excited for her as an artist and young person. She already has so much talent, and what she could do with that is beyond my imagination! So many possibilities...

Grace finished this painting in about 3 hours (two classes) and is now working on a piece inspired by Andy Warhol's Marilyn Monroe.

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