Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clay Sculpture

At the Arthouse clay is one of our favorite mediums. William Jamieson partner, teacher and artist has his Masters in Ceramics and Sculpture from Boise State.

We work in all hand building techniques, slab structures, coil, pinch pot etc.. We even have our own klinn in William's studio, located in the old carriage house.

We offer clay classes for all ages and levels. This Summer starting June 13 we're having a Youth/Teen Clay/Sculpture class Monday-Thursday 1-2:30pm. This Art camp will last 2 weeks and we'll meet Monday-Thursday for an hour and a half a day.

We also offer the clay in our Mixed media "Parent and Child" classes. It's a great time to get messy with your kids and not worry about getting play-doe in the carpet or paint on the walls.

Our kids love to create with this cool and malleable medium.

My 2 year old even pinches and scratches the clay. It's great to get them involved with a creative process and medium while they are young, therefore as they grow their creativity is flourished instead of hindered.

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