Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Queens and Kings of Cardboard

It was one of our most beautiful days of spring yet and our mixed media class Art Start was able to build outside. They didn't only build a castle from cardboard, they played dress up, got married and drank lemonade. It was beautiful!
We used appliance boxes that Dan from Lowes gladly donated to the arthouse. The students helped assemble the boxes together and made marks where they wanted windows and doors, and decorations. Molly (my assistant) and I cut them out with utility knives. The kids were a bit to young to use such a sharp tool. Although, this didn't stop them from showing us where they wanted the doggy door and intricate details.

Don't forget our royal wedding!
I love the way we can take this material (cardboard) and reuse it for play and art. We'll maybe reuse it 3 or 4 more times in other projects before it actually gets recycled.
One of our creative and distinctive students Gracie West giving me a salute.
Our King Paige Smucker peaking out the castle window.
This project brought the kids into character, they took over the class, it was their time to create, costume design, role play etc... It's the best part of my job, when I can give my students a project that sparks something inside their creative minds and they take over their own education.

The students and I enjoyed this project so much that maybe next time we'll create individual castles that every King and Queen can take home to play with in their own back yards:) or maybe just a miniature.

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