Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Art classes for Juniors (6-8)

Art Start 11-12pm TUES
Wand to get your young artist a head start in the art then this is the class for you. Juniors will get introduced to all kinds of fun art projects using a variety of materials, such as clay, finger-paint, textiles, pastels, and much more.

Insect Inspect 11-12pm WED
A multi-media art class with insects as the subject uses clay, paint, collage and more to create unique creature related projects.

Art and Animals 1-2:30 WED
This exciting class gives children the opportunity to explore art using animals as their subjects. Students will draw, paint and sculpt animals and reptiles.

Clay 1-2:30 Friday
Pinch, coil, slab and sculpt your way to fun! Students will create interesting pots, creatures and everyday objects using clay and fired glazes.

Drawing and Painting 1-2:30 TUES
Students will learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting in this 6 weeks beginners class. Drawing techniques, technical skills, and color will be explored using brushes, pencils, inks, chalks, charcoal, watercolor and acrylics.

Sculpture 3-4:30 THURS
Do you have a young Michelangelo at home? Let your child's imagination soar while exploring the fun world of three dimensional sculptures. See how cardboard, clay, plaster and other materials transformed into unique personal art.

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