Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Parent and Child (2 -5 and parent)

Animal Art 10-11am WED
Moms, Dads or Grandparents, bring your 3 to 5 yr old child for an opportunity to explore art using animals as a subject matter. Have tons of fun creating your favorite original animals using a variety of materials.

Alphabet Soup 10-11am THUR
Moms, Dads or Grand parents, bring your 2-5 yr old child to have in this class which incorporates art and the 26 letters of the alphabet. Have a great time while learning too!

Clay Mates 10-11am Friday
Little fingers will pinch, shape, and mold clay and other materials into a variety of take home projects while spending fun mornings with mom or dad. Projects will be made from fired clay, Model Magic, and Sculpey.

Mommies Mornings (Multi-Media Sampler) 11-12pm Friday
Come have an artistic fun with your preschooler of older child. Create one-of-a-kind sculptures, make colorful tie-dye, draw with pastels, and paint with watercolors. This class will explore these media and more.

Story book 10-11am TUES
Students will enjoy fun activities which are centered around building your one of a kind book that students will be able to enjoy a lifetime.

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